Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird 1.5
Author Milan Babuskov
Scott Taylor wrote:
> Wouldn't it be nice to have a clean PHP
> install though? Maybe it's just a matter of removing the line in /etc/php.ini

Not really. All PHP .RPMs I've seen have php with mysql support compiled
in, so it's not in php.ini.

However, it shouldn't matter, since I don't have mysql, and was able to
compile file. But, I didn't compile the whole php to get
it. Philippe wrote:

> I simply did a make -i and that's it, I got an and an
> interbase module working

I guess you did "make" in the top-level directory. AFAIK, if you go to
ext/interbase and do "make" it should only compile file,
and it won't complain about mysql or anything else.

Milan Babuskov