Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird 1.5
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 06/08/2003 17:35, Scott Taylor a écrit :

> I guess ignoring errors is OK at this point, personally, I hate errors in
> anything and go that extra step to clean it up.
It's ok because I only need to compile, by the way I hate errors too ;)

> Be sure to read the README file, you will need to edit some configuration
> file in the inc directory, set the location of your Firebird utilities, etc.

So I resume for all

Firebird 1.5 RC4 PHP 4.3.1 Mdk 9.1

Install the rpm (apache an php)

Get the PHP source from

untar it:
tar xvfz php-*.tar.gz

cd to the untared base dir:
cd php-4*

according to <>
add #define ISC_FAR in php_interbase.h
export LIBS="-lstdc++ -lcrypt"

compile it with ib support:
./configure --with-interbase=shared,/usr/local/firebird

(or make -i if you get errors before compiling
It's ok there to ignore errors because we only want

cp the module to /usr/lib/php/extensions

cp modules/ /usr/lib/php/extensions

Add the line :

to the /etc/php.ini file in the Dynamic Extensions section

Now it should work.

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