Subject Re: Accessing Firebird via Jaybird for LibreOffice, tables with more than 41 records won't open
Author Keith Laten Williams
Thank you for your replies. Arioch The wrote:
|  as a matter of interest, did you tried
|  Apache OpenOffice ?

|  I remember Libre set the goal to eliminate
|  Java code and go plain C++, so their work with
|  JDBC might be different. Or might be the same.
Your message prompted me to try. The result was interesting. On the Windows machine using Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1, the jdbctest2.odb file allowed me to open all the tables (interestingly enough, each table initially reported "Record 1 of 40*" where LibreOffice reported "Record 1 of 41*" -- when I opened via ODBC). However, my production database failed with the same error messages that LibreOffice did. In any event I am committed to LibreOffice because it is the default suite of my preferred Linux distribution, Fedora.

LibreOffice went through a "code cleanup" phase sometime ago. That might account for some differences, although my results in my production database suggest that both may have some sort of underlying issue exposed by this.

Mark Rotteveel wrote:
|  there are some incompatibilities between the
|  default Jaybird implementation and LibreOffice
|  / OpenOffice. Make sure you are using the
|  alternative OpenOffice subprotocol
|  (jdbc:firebirdsql:oo://...).
The connection URL used in the test file is:


It differs in format slightly from the format described in the release notes (but was accepted without errors). I tried (it seems the "jdbc:" is pre-supplied by the application):


these were rejected by LibreOffice with various error messages. Then I tried,


which was accepted, but STREETS and STREETS_42 still would not open.

Mark Rotteveel also wrote:
|  Recent LibreOffice versions have (experimental)
|  builtin support for Firebird, I am not sure if you
|  can use it to access an external Firebird database,
|  but you might want to try enabling experimental
|  features and using that.
It made no (discernable) difference when I enabled the experimental features.

Enjoy the day,