Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Accessing Firebird via Jaybird for LibreOffice, tables with more than 41 records won't open
Author Mark Rotteveel
On Wed, 04 Mar 2015 17:27:22 -0600, "Keith Laten Williams
klwilliams@... [Firebird-Java]" <>
> Hi, I'm not sure whether I have a configuration issue, a LibreOffice
> problem, or a Jaybird issue. Any insight you can provide will be
> appreciated. I created a test database, JDBCTEST.FDB and a LibreOffice
> file which references it, jdbctest2.odb. Both files are available for
> download through my Dropbox account at the following URL:

I currently don't have access to LibreOffice and Internet simultaneously
(hopefully fixed tonight), so I can't look at the file right now. However,
there are some incompatibilities between the default Jaybird implementation
and LibreOffice / OpenOffice. Make sure you are using the alternative
OpenOffice subprotocol (jdbc:firebirdsql:oo://...).

> Here are more details about my issue. The versions involved are: Jaybird
> 2.2.7 and LibreOffice (running under Windows 8.1 Pro – 64-bit).
> have with a production database running under both the same
> as well as using LibreOffice (running under Fedora Linux 20 –
> 64-bit).

Recent LibreOffice versions have (experimental) builtin support for
Firebird, I am not sure if you can use it to access an external Firebird
database, but you might want to try enabling experimental features and
using that.

> In my production database, after opening a form on a table with around
> 1100 records (Base shows "record 1 of 41*" - so I thought there might be
> something significant about this number, but I was unable to duplicate
> problem in this test database), if I press the "Last Record" control
> button, I get an error message which says -- Error Message: The result
> is closed. Pressing the "More" button yields the following additional
> information -- SQL Status: 07005.

This error seems to hint that you are using the normal protocol
(jdbc:firebirdsql://...). Jaybird by default uses not-holdable result sets,
while LibreOffice expects holdable result sets. Using the
jdbc:firebirdsql:oo defaults to holdable.

I'll try to give a more detailed answer when internet access at my home
has been restored.