Subject Accessing Firebird via Jaybird for LibreOffice, tables with more than 41 records won't open
Author Keith Laten Williams
Hi, I'm not sure whether I have a configuration issue, a LibreOffice problem, or a Jaybird issue. Any insight you can provide will be appreciated. I created a test database, JDBCTEST.FDB and a LibreOffice .odb file which references it, jdbctest2.odb. Both files are available for download through my Dropbox account at the following URL:

Here are more details about my issue. The versions involved are: Jaybird 2.2.7 and LibreOffice (running under Windows 8.1 Pro – 64-bit). I have with a production database running under both the same configuration as well as using LibreOffice (running under Fedora Linux 20 – 64-bit).

In my production database, after opening a form on a table with around 1100 records (Base shows "record 1 of 41*" - so I thought there might be something significant about this number, but I was unable to duplicate this problem in this test database), if I press the "Last Record" control button, I get an error message which says -- Error Message: The result set is closed. Pressing the "More" button yields the following additional information -- SQL Status: 07005.

In this test database, the table “STREETS” will not open (nothing happens, there is no error message). There are 3 other tables each with a subset of the records in the STREETS table (which has 50 records):

STREETS_40 (has 40 records, opens correctly)

STREETS_41 (has 41 records, opens correctly)

STREETS_42 (has 42 records, will not open)

So there appears to be a problem which occurs when a table has more than 41 records.

When I use ODBC to connect to this Firebird (server) database there are no issues opening any of the tables.This problem is not “critical” for me because I can use ODBC (I have not tried ODBC under Linux). Why won't the table “STREETS,” open? Is there an issue with my configuration, an issue with LibreOffice, or an issue with Jaybird?

Thanks in advance,
Keith Laten Williams