Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Accessing Firebird via Jaybird for LibreOffice, tables with more than 41 records won't open
Author Mark Rotteveel
On Thu, 05 Mar 2015 14:00:33 -0600, "Keith Laten Williams
klwilliams@... [Firebird-Java]" <>
> Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> | there are some incompatibilities between the
> | default Jaybird implementation and LibreOffice
> | / OpenOffice. Make sure you are using the
> | alternative OpenOffice subprotocol
> | (jdbc:firebirdsql:oo://...).
> The connection URL used in the test file is:
> It differs in format slightly from the format described in the release
> notes (but was accepted without errors). I tried (it seems the "jdbc:"
> is pre-supplied by the application):

Yes, I forgot that LibreOffice always assumes the jdbc:-prefix (I believe
it is in a label before the input field).

> these were rejected by LibreOffice with various error messages. Then I
> tried,

Yes that is because all those URL formats are wrong, it is
jdbc:firebirdsql:oo://<hostname>:<port>/<path> *or*

> firebirdsql:wolcott/3050:G:\firebird\db\JDBCTEST.FDB?encoding=ISO8859_1
> which was accepted, but STREETS and STREETS_42 still would not open.

I'll take a detailed look at your example tomorrow to see if I can find
the problem.

> Mark Rotteveel also wrote:
> | Recent LibreOffice versions have (experimental)
> | builtin support for Firebird, I am not sure if you
> | can use it to access an external Firebird database,
> | but you might want to try enabling experimental
> | features and using that.
> It made no (discernable) difference when I enabled the experimental
> features.

It won't - of course - if you still use the JDBC driver, but as I said: I
don't know if this option allows you to use an external database, or if it
always use a Firebird embedded.