Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Using Firebird on Eclipse Ganymede Datatools
Author Michael Ludwig
Mark Rotteveel schrieb am 10.07.2009 um 16:17:30 (+0200):
> A new release of the Firebird Eclipse plugin is available on
> Version

> * (slightly) tested on Eclipse 3.5 / DTP 1.7,
> untested on Eclipse 3.4 / DTP 1.6

Clueless Eclipse noob question ahead:

I do have Galileo, DTP (Data Tools Platform), and it is working for
other RDBMS.

How do I install the Firebird Eclipse plugin in Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)?

Here's what I tried after downloading the ZIP file to my local disk
using "Help > Install New Software":

(1) Going "Add > Archive...", then picking the ZIP file. The status
message is "The repository is currently not available", and on "Test
Connection" I'm seeing:

No repository found at

(2) Unzipped the file to C:\Eclipse35Archive\Firebird, then going
"Add > Local...", picked this directory, no error, but "There are no
categorized items".

(3) Picked the "Firebird\plugins" directory, the error message is "No
repository found at file:/C:/Eclipse35Archive/Firebird/plugins/".

This must be very simple - what am I missing? Thanks,