Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Using Firebird on Eclipse Ganymede Datatools
Author Mark Rotteveel
A new release of the Firebird Eclipse plugin is available on


Bugfix and 'less-is-more' release

* Code cleanup
* More delegation to standard DTP implementation
* Sourcecode added to distribution

* Now all stored procedures are shown
* Numeric fields are shown correctly in 'Data > Edit' (tested in
Eclipse 3.5 / DTP 1.7)
* Stored procedures code should be correct (unverified)
* Trigger code is loaded
* Menu 'Sample contents' now works correctly

* (slightly) tested on Eclipse 3.5 / DTP 1.7, untested on Eclipse
3.4 / DTP 1.6
* Some datatypes introduced in Firebird 2.1 might not work correctly
* DDL for sequence/generators cannot be shown yet
* Some formatting issues with 'Export DDL' (especially for triggers)
* Due to changes it is possible that some exceptions occur
(especially on the 'SQL Results' tab with previous queries); fix by
removing all previous results or removing Firebird specific results

Mark Rotteveel