Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Using Firebird on Eclipse Ganymede Datatools
Author Mark Rotteveel
There is no real installation of the plugin at this moment.

To 'install' the plugin, you need to copy the plugin folder (with *.jar files) contained in the zip into the root Eclipse folder (so the contents is merged with the existing plugin folder). Then restart Eclipse, and the plugin is available.

If you use the ' Add archive' option, you would probably need to point to the jar files inside the zip, not the zip itself, but I haven't tried that yet. It could also be that that requires other packaging options.

I will include a description on how to install with the next release.


> Mark Rotteveel schrieb am 10.07.2009 um 16:17:30 (+0200):
> > A new release of the Firebird Eclipse plugin is available on
> >
> >
> > Version
> > * (slightly) tested on Eclipse 3.5 / DTP 1.7,
> > untested on Eclipse 3.4 / DTP 1.6
> Clueless Eclipse noob question ahead:
> I do have Galileo, DTP (Data Tools Platform), and it is working for
> other RDBMS.
> How do I install the Firebird Eclipse plugin in Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)?
> Here's what I tried after downloading the ZIP file to my local disk
> using "Help > Install New Software":
> (1) Going "Add > Archive...", then picking the ZIP file. The status
> message is "The repository is currently not available", and on "Test
> Connection" I'm seeing:
> No repository found at
> jar:file:/C:/Eclipse35Archive/!/.
> (2) Unzipped the file to C:\Eclipse35Archive\Firebird, then going
> "Add > Local...", picked this directory, no error, but "There are no
> categorized items".
> (3) Picked the "Firebird\plugins" directory, the error message is "No
> repository found at file:/C:/Eclipse35Archive/Firebird/plugins/".
> This must be very simple - what am I missing? Thanks,

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