Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Using Jaybird with OpenOffice
Author Milan Babuskov
Hi Roman,

--- Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > Imagine an average Excel/Access user examining
> OOo+FB
> > combination as a possible replacement for some
> tasks,
> > and running into this.
> Well... an average user won't ask questions "why".

Exactly, they would simply conclude that it doesn't
work, as I have seen a few weeks ago. It was actually
an employee at one of my clients' and he told me that
it is not possible. That seemed odd, so I went into

> Also, the current
> situation with OOBase is such that one can hardly
> compare it with MS
> Access. In combination with OOCalc it is more
> usable, but in this case
> our driver works (or should work) ok.

Actually, I did try to use it with OOCalc. However,
there is either problem with OOCalc on Linux or the
package my distro is using, as I don't see all the
entry fields that are present in various screenshots
I've seen on the Internet. Anyway, as you wrote, it is
not a Jaybird problem.

Thanks for your reply,


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