Subject Using Jaybird with OpenOffice
Author Dan Wilson
I am trying to access a Firebird 1.5.3 database inside OpenOffice 2.0 using Jaybird 2.0.1 under Windows 2000 Professional, SP4. I have apparently successfully installed the driver into OpenOffice: the test connection was successful. In addition, when I select Tables, I see all of the tables I expected to see. However, I seem unable to access any data from within those tables. Every time I attempt to view a table, I get the following error:

The data content could not be loaded.

The result set is closed.

Clicking on "More" gives additional information:

SQL Status: HY000

The result set is closed

If I attempt to design a form or a query, OpenOffice is able to show me all of the fields within each table, so clearly, OpenOffice is talking to Firebird. What would prevent it from accessing the data within each table?

TIA for any ideas,