Subject Re: Is it possible to reconnect after a network outage?
Author buffyblice
Great, thanks guys, I can stop searching the internet for ways of
doing this :) Thanks for the quick reply.

--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > I am using a FirebirdConnection object and I get an exception with
> > ISC_NETWORK_ERROR (335544721) when there is a network issue. Is there
> > anything I can do to get that FirebirdConnection object functional
> > again when the db machine comes back online, or do I have to recreate
> > another FirebirdConnection object and connect the new object?
> No, the reconnect is not and won't be supported.
> The network error in most cases means that socket was broken. This in
> turn means that the transaction that experienced the issue was already
> marked for rollback. Also all statement handles are lost at this time.
> Providing reconnect() method would mean that driver would need to
> re-prepare all open statements, re-execute queries and re-position the
> cursors on the right places to make it usable for all applications. Too
> complicated, is not required by the specification and can be much more
> easily handled on the application level.
> Roman