Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Using Jaybird with OpenOffice
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Milan,

> - from that page, I can figure out how to specify
> username/password. Is it supposed to be part of JDBC
> connection URL? Or maybe there should be a separate
> user/pass field and it's a problem with my OpenOffice
> (I'm using it on Linux)?

IIRC, the user name and password can be specified separately. It does
not matter in our case - Jaybird supports both ways.

> - What's 'defaultHoldable' and how it is supposed to
> be set up?
> The page says: 'Additionally you need to specify the
> defaultHoldable', but there's not way to get more info
> on that (except maybe googling?).

OpenOffice developers did not read the JDBC specification when creating
the support for databases. The usual pattern is that they use one
connection in auto-commit mode and then open one result set, loop
through it and execute another statement using the same connection.
According to the specification the outer result set is closed. The
"defaultHoldable" is a workaround that makes each result set being
cached on the client.

> Imagine an average Excel/Access user examining OOo+FB
> combination as a possible replacement for some tasks,
> and running into this.

Well... an average user won't ask questions "why". Also, the current
situation with OOBase is such that one can hardly compare it with MS
Access. In combination with OOCalc it is more usable, but in this case
our driver works (or should work) ok.

And if I'm not mistaken, you're the first one who have tried it since
~two years...