Subject Eclipse, Dali, JPA - No tables under Schema
Author reg_hill_labs

I am new to Java (and hence Eclipse, Dali and JPA...) but am learning

I am using Eclipse 3.2(.1 and .2), and have a problem using Dali with

I think it is basically a problem with Firebird and the Data Tools
Platform... from the post below, it seems like a "custom catalog
loader needs to be added."???

I can set up the connection, connect successfully, but when expanding
the schema node, nothing appears.

I know this is a short problem description, but I found a few other
message threads with other people having the same problem, one of
which is below.

If more information is required, please let me know...

If this is the problem, does anyone think it likely to be looked into
in the near future?? From the post, sounds like the Data Tools
Platform people are willing to help... but I have no idea of what is

I am familiar with FirebirdSQL, so would like to keep using it... on
the other hand PostgreSQL seems to work fine with the Data Tools
Project... (not sure how PostgreSQL compares to Firebird however).

I have included the text of the above thread below.


John Graham wrote:
Nikolai Voynov wrote:
Dear eclipse.datatools!

I have a problem with displaying database metadata. Jaybird
2.0.1 Firebird JDBC driver using.

Jaybird authors says: "The problem is that Firebird doesn't
allow the SCHEMA definition."

What would you propose me to do in this case to see my metadata?

Hi Nikolai:

I tried Firebird once with an earlier version of DTP and had some
problem, the details of which I don't remember. Let me try it again
and see what I can find out. Travelling this week, so I'll get back to
you next week with whatever I find out.

-- John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair


I was able only to get a connection to FB using DTP, but nothing
appeared below the Schemas node in the DSE. In the past when we've
seen this sort of situation, it usually means that a custom catalog
loader needs to be added. I don't know enough about FB to say how much
work this would be, but DTP would be happy to collaborate with the FB
community to make this functionality available.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair