Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Eclipse, Dali, JPA - No tables under Schema
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> If this is the problem, does anyone think it likely to be looked into
> in the near future?? From the post, sounds like the Data Tools
> Platform people are willing to help... but I have no idea of what is
> involved...

I have already started to code the Firebird support in DTP. However, it
won't be available in the nearest future. The main problem is that
current version of DTP ignores the "supportsShemas" property of the
database description and generates incorrect SQL in form of
<schema>.<object_name>, which is not accepted by Firebird. I have
identified 5 such places and submitted appropriate bug reports.

But as we have agreed with DTP developers, the fixes will go into DTP
1.5. Currently I'm working with DTP 1.0 (I have applied my fixes
locally), but will switch to DTP 1.5 soon.

Also the "custom catalog loader" is not enough - there's more extension
points involved including but not limited to DDL generation, database
description, profile management, etc. All they require custom extensions
because the basic JDBC stuff is not enough to make all features working.

So, the answer to your question - yes, we are aware of the issue,
however the solution won't be available soon (beta. let's say,
second-third quarter, release - end of the year).