Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Can't open connection
Author Lester Caine
local_user5 wrote:

>>Do you try
>>CONNECT 'localhost:e:/data/data.gdb' USER 'sysdba'
> PASSWORD 'masterkey';
>>or just
>>CONNECT 'e:/data/data.gdb' USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey';
> You mean use these lines in ISQL connection ?


> I also checked JayBird driver on another computer with an Ethernet
> network card connected to Internet through a local network. And it
> works independently on the network cable. So even when cable is
> unplugged driver works.
> But on the computer with a DialUp connection JayBird doesn't work
> when DialUp is disconnected.

I have seen this sort of activity before. Which version of Windows are
you using, and which service pack?
I had a machine that would never connect unless I used the real IP
address, but that was on a Win98SE machine ( which is still in use ;) )
The eventual fix came with an update to the driver for the network card,
but what was even more peculiar was I had two identical machine with all
the same hardware and software ( used the same install disk ) which did
not have the problem.
Windows Routing still leaves a lot to be desired, and does depend on the
order things are installed. Removing a network connection can disable
TCP/IP which is what I think you are seeing, ping is just lying ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services