Subject Re: Can't open connection
Author local_user5
> Driver opens socket connection using standard Java capabilities, so
> should not be a problem then. Try to write small Java application
to open
> connection using plain Java client sockets. If it wokrs, and
JayBird still
> does not, I have no idea :(

Roman, thank you for the reply again.

I tried this code:

try {
Socket testSocket = new Socket(InetAddress.getByName("localhost"),
} catch(Exception e) {

and it works good. No exception generated.

> Also try following URL (you need jaybird.dll for this, that's type
> driver.)
> jdbc:firebirdsql:native://localhost/e:/data/data.gdb

OK. I'll try this.

> > Regarding Firebird-support: It's possible to connect to Firebird
> > normally with isql even when no Internet connection, so what may I
> > say them ? :-)
> Do you try
> CONNECT 'localhost:e:/data/data.gdb' USER 'sysdba'
PASSWORD 'masterkey';
> or just
> CONNECT 'e:/data/data.gdb' USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey';

You mean use these lines in ISQL connection ?

I also checked JayBird driver on another computer with an Ethernet
network card connected to Internet through a local network. And it
works independently on the network cable. So even when cable is
unplugged driver works.

But on the computer with a DialUp connection JayBird doesn't work
when DialUp is disconnected.