Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] CREATE USER through Java
I did it in my application (Medi) connecting directly to the
"security.fdb" file and using a Java version of crypt.
Take a look at:
download the "javatools-mod" package and inspect
"javatools.db.util.FirebirdUserCreator" and "javatools.db.util.JCrypt"
Notice that the "javatools-mod" library is LGPL.
Antonio Petrelli

Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>>How do you create a new user through Jaybird? Ideally, I would want
>>to be able to call executeUpdate ("CREATE USER BOB bobpassword"); or
>>something similar. I see how to create a new database through
>>Jaybird, but not how to add a new user to that database.
>At present officially not possible. You can try to experiment with the
>services API that is already in code, however it is not officially
>>I tried inserting a user record into the security.fdb database, but
>>the password shows up as plain text, and I can't authenticate with
>>the user I just created.
>Ask for the algorithm of password encryption (as far as I remember this
>simple Unix crypt algorithm). There are components in C/C++ that do this
>(ask in Firebird-Support group). Then instead of writing password in
>text put the en-crypt-ed one. It should work.
>>Creating the user through ISQL is not helpful to me.
>You can also fork a gsec command-line tool for this.