Subject Re: Can't open connection
Author local_user5
> I have seen this sort of activity before. Which version of Windows
> you using, and which service pack?
> I had a machine that would never connect unless I used the real IP
> address, but that was on a Win98SE machine ( which is still in
use ;) )
> The eventual fix came with an update to the driver for the network
> but what was even more peculiar was I had two identical machine
with all
> the same hardware and software ( used the same install disk ) which
> not have the problem.
> Windows Routing still leaves a lot to be desired, and does depend
on the
> order things are installed. Removing a network connection can
> TCP/IP which is what I think you are seeing, ping is just lying ;)

Thank you for reply.

My configuration is: P4-3.0/RAM 512, Windows Server 2003 / JDK 1.4.2.

I wrote already in discussion group that it's possible to execute
this code in target computer:

try {
Socket testSocket = new Socket(InetAddress.getByName("localhost"),
} catch(Exception e) {

Because the above code works it seems that the problem is not in
Windows routing and not in JRE but in the driver itself.