Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Type2 local-mode threadsafe ?
Author Carsten Schäfer
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>> I have to write "local" not "LOCAL". "LOCAL" is not working.
>> i get unknown host LOCAL
> Where do you set it? In JDBC URL this is "local", in
> FBConnectionPoolDataSource it is "LOCAL".

I use it in the jdbc-url.
>> Problem with local mode:
>> I get a deadlock when i have 2 concurrent connections, this seems to
>> be a bug in the driver. (my appserver is getting the connections and
>> doing db-selects for my rmi clients).
>> With embedded-mode everything is working.
> Then most likely this has something to do with fbclient.dll. From
> driver perspective they are the same (difference is only in preparing
> database URL and library to load).
> BTW, what happens if you use it in type 2 (native) mode?

With native-mode everything is working, too.
But local is faster (as fast as embedded mode).