Subject Type2 local-mode threadsafe ?
Author Carsten Schäfer
I'm using Firebird1.5, Jaybird RC2 with Java 1.4.2_04, Windows XP and want to test type2 driver in local-mode. This means application and Firebird-Server on the same host, right ?
I must put jaybird.dll(why is the dll not included in the RC-download of jaybird ?) and gds32.dll (from Firebird/bin dir) in my working directory to get it working.
(i tested it with a directory lib and setting the java.library.path, but this is not working. I always get java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jaybird in java.library.path,
Do i have to set the path-variable from Windows to get it working ?)

My questions:
Is type2 local mode thread-safe (like type4) ?
Can i use the jaybird build-in connection pooling with type 2 local mode ?

With type2 embedded-mode:
Can i have only 1 concurrent connection, or can i have multi connections with the same database user (only 1 user connecting to the db) ?


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