Subject Re: Type2 local-mode threadsafe ?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> gds32.dll is in SYSTEM32 dir, jaybird ist not finding it, even not
> in my working dir.
> i have to use fbclient.dll in my working dir. (it was a typing error
> from me in my first message)
> and my app finds the jaybird.dll only in the working directory, not
> in any other directory, although it is in the java.library.path.

This is probably what Ryan would like to check.

> I have to write "local" not "LOCAL". "LOCAL" is not working.
> i get unknown host LOCAL

Where do you set it? In JDBC URL this is "local", in
FBConnectionPoolDataSource it is "LOCAL".

> Problem with local mode:
> I get a deadlock when i have 2 concurrent connections, this seems to
> be a bug in the driver. (my appserver is getting the connections and
> doing db-selects for my rmi clients).
> With embedded-mode everything is working.

Then most likely this has something to do with fbclient.dll. From
driver perspective they are the same (difference is only in preparing
database URL and library to load).

BTW, what happens if you use it in type 2 (native) mode?