Subject Re: Type 2 driver modifications are ready for review.
Author ryanb486
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> Anyone know why there is a need for a Type 2 driver?

The primary benifit comes when the type 2 mode allows the java app to
use of a more efficent local ipc method(although currently at least
windows the implementation has drawbacks too) or in the case of the
server - no ipc method at all. This can under some circumastances(eg
many individual but small fast querys) lead to almost doubling of

I found when doing some benchmarking that type 2 mode when making a
connection to the server is actually slower then in type 4 mode

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> > Out of curiosity, what is the value of the Type 2 driver? What
> the
> > main advantages of the Type 4 driver already present with a new
> Type 2
> > driver? Are there benchmarks that illustrate the difference in
> > performance?
> >
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