Subject variable arrays - how to read
Author ray_holme
I have used Interbase variable arrays for years and am very well
aware of how to read/write them using the API. I have also built a
nice little query and connection manager (2 beans) for firebird which
makes life much easier. I am finally using arrays again (2
dimensional floats in this case) and have need to retrieve them from
Java. Of course, I would like to know how to read and write them, but
read is the critical part here.

After perusing the Interbase Interclient web-site, I observed that
there is a way to do this (write is weak, read is fine) using Objects.

Does firebird have a similar interface for arrays? Is anyone else out
there using them? If so, do you have a code snippet on how to do it
that can be shared?

Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions.

Ray Holme

10+ year Interbase+Unix consultant (of course, I do windows!)