Subject Type 2 driver modifications are ready for review.
Author ryanb486

I've got to the point now where the Type 2 driver modifications made
against the head of the CVS tree are ready for review - and in my
opinion could be/maybe should be commited before completing the

The bulk of the work is done, but the type 2 driver has not
been 'surfaced' - there is no way yet of getting a connection using
the type 2 gds implementation -- but there is a TestNGds junit class
test thats similar to the TestGds test class in that it runs a
number of low level tests on the ngds package.

I have tried to do things in such a way as to make it possible for a
single app to have both connections through the Type 2 gds imp and
the Type 4 gds imp simultaniously - although I'm not sure about the
implications this could have for the connection pooling code.

Basicly I would like to have this reviewed and the possibility of
having it commited looked at as really I could do with some help in
surfacing this through FBDriver and the other methods of obtaining
connections which I do not have an extensive understanding of. Also
there will be numerous other small things to polish to complete the
intergration of these changes - and there are various options for
doing these which perahps should be discussed.

So if anyone is still interested in having these modifications
commited to the tree please let me know and I will make a snapshot
of my local CVS tree available through the downloads area and give
an thorough overview of what I have had to do and my reasoning.