Subject Re: Type 2 driver modifications are ready for review.
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I've got to the point now where the Type 2 driver modifications made
> against the head of the CVS tree are ready for review - and in my
> opinion could be/maybe should be commited before completing the
> modifications.
> ...
> Basicly I would like to have this reviewed and the possibility of
> having it commited looked at as really I could do with some help in
> surfacing this through FBDriver and the other methods of obtaining
> connections which I do not have an extensive understanding of. Also
> there will be numerous other small things to polish to complete the
> intergration of these changes - and there are various options for
> doing these which perahps should be discussed.
> So if anyone is still interested in having these modifications
> commited to the tree please let me know and I will make a snapshot
> of my local CVS tree available through the downloads area and give
> an thorough overview of what I have had to do and my reasoning.

Personally I would say that you should commit them to the CVS, if your
changes do not break the driver (at least all test cases should pass).
I will be able to work on JayBird not earlier than in 2 weeks and my
plan is to fix multi-threading issues first. Therefore I would like
that your changes are already in the tree, because it might happen
that some refactoring is needed.

So, if David and Blas have no objection, I would say "commit".

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy