Subject firebird - block size sexceeded
Author Ray Holme
I am forced to run Borland IB 6.01 on my Sun. When I
try to gbak (restore) my schema using Firebird - it
comes back with "block size exceeded" during the index
build phase of gbak (the index it is restoring is a
smaller reversed order version of one it just
completed on the same table). I emptied the DB using a
gbak metadata only extract and got the same problem at
the same exact place.

I get similar problems in trigger land when I try to
play with VERY long varchars (concatenating a log of
changes). I have gotten around the latter with some
heavy code arounds.

One other interesting note is that the SAME schema can
be restored (empty or with data) using the classic
Linux release of firebird. This makes NO sense to me.

Ray Holme

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