Subject Re: firebird - block size sexceeded
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Sorry, this is question for IB-Support group
( Firebird-Java is a
support group for Java connectivity components (primarily JayBird
JDBC driver) for Firebird.

--- In, Ray Holme <ray_holme@y...>
> I am forced to run Borland IB 6.01 on my Sun. When I
> try to gbak (restore) my schema using Firebird - it
> comes back with "block size exceeded" during the index
> build phase of gbak (the index it is restoring is a
> smaller reversed order version of one it just
> completed on the same table). I emptied the DB using a
> gbak metadata only extract and got the same problem at
> the same exact place.
> I get similar problems in trigger land when I try to
> play with VERY long varchars (concatenating a log of
> changes). I have gotten around the latter with some
> heavy code arounds.
> One other interesting note is that the SAME schema can
> be restored (empty or with data) using the classic
> Linux release of firebird. This makes NO sense to me.
> Ray Holme
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