Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Jaybird port to J2ME?
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Sat, 2003-02-01 at 02:30, Blas Rodriguez Somoza wrote:
> It is possible to modify the driver so it can be used with or without
> libraries outside the J2SDK (as JCA), I do it some weeks ago and is
> not very difficult.

Great I will look further into this when I have time.

> I don't know exactly which parts of J2SDK are not in J2ME. Can you
> explain me?

There is a ton of stuff in J2SDK that is not in J2ME. For example J2ME
has little to no JDBC support. There is a separate mini JDBC library
that is available, but does not come with J2ME.

> Also, can you give some reasons why J2ME support is important for FB?.

If people like me are developing apps that will need to run on portable
devices as well, it will make Firebird look more attractive. Or at least
keep Firebird in there as a consideration for the apps RDMS.

Just one more reason to use Firebird.

> Which databases drives support it, etc?

From initial research using Google, it looks like the PostgreSQL JDBC
driver can be compiled using ANT and a few options to make a J2ME
version of the driver.

Not clear if MySQL is the same or similar, or has any support for J2ME.

DB2 definitely has support, and I believe Oracle is on their way.

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