Subject Re: Jaybird port to J2ME?
Author Roman Rokytskyy

I'm cc-ing this email to the Firebird-Java group.

>> Do you want to kill concept of a managed connection and distributed
>> tx or just remove interface declaration and add additional proxies?
> I don't want to kill nothing.
> For Jeode VM, which is equivalent to 1.1 JDK, we need a version of the
> driver that don't need javax.resource and javax.sql to run.
> For J2ME (CDC) the problem is more difficult because it seems that the
> jdbc libraries that can be included does not implement the whole java.sql.

Not only that. I suspect that we will need to change implementation because
of really tiny java.lang.* and java.util.* package. No List, no Map, no
Iterator, no Classloader, etc. BTW, most of it applies JDK 1.1 case too.

> The only solution I know for that is the one I tell you some time ago.
> Make Connection and two more jdbc classes abstract or interface and
> implement two connection management solutions over the basic jdbc package,
> pure JDBC and JCA/Xid.

This does not solve J2ME problem. We will need to change all the code that
uses Java 2 API and "tricks" like loading resources, date/time routines,
etc. Too many changes in the driver.

Therefore, it seems to be better to keep the same & Co. for all
platforms, but create completely new set of interfaces/classes that look
similar to JDBC but do not contain all non-critical stuff required by JDBC.
Only Connection, Statement, PreparedStatement and ResultSet. Maybe very
limited DatabaseMetaData. No advanced data types, only those supported by
CDC java.lang.* package (plus byte[]).

Therefore I'm too pessimistic about making JayBird J2ME- and
JDK1.1-compatible. But I will support anybody that will take and
implement J2ME-compatible classes on top of it and provide another name to
this driver.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy

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