Subject Jaybird port to J2ME?
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Just out of curiosity does anyone have any plans to make a J2ME
compliant version of JayBird?

I would like to port some of my apps to a Sharp Zaurus running a Joede
J2ME VM. Of course my apps are no good without db access. I am sure I
could rig something or go about it in a different way, but I would like
to go about it the proper way.

Also in todays portable world I think it will help Firebird gain

I am not sure if I have the skills to assist in the porting/development
process but I can at least provide testing and things of that nature.

Any comments thoughts?

There is no rush on this, and I would prefer the focus to remain on a
release of JayBird, after RC2. However after a stable release is out
there, a J2ME version or port would be nice.

FYI, so far RC1 has worked as expected. I have not had any problems with
it. Further more prior to using RC1 I had some sort of memory leak. Now
with RC1 my memory leak is gone, and gc works as it should.

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