Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Jaybird port to J2ME?
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

At 31/01/2003 16:49 -0800, William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
>Just out of curiosity does anyone have any plans to make a J2ME
>compliant version of JayBird?
>I would like to port some of my apps to a Sharp Zaurus running a Joede
>J2ME VM. Of course my apps are no good without db access. I am sure I
>could rig something or go about it in a different way, but I would like
>to go about it the proper way.
>Also in todays portable world I think it will help Firebird gain
>I am not sure if I have the skills to assist in the porting/development
>process but I can at least provide testing and things of that nature.
>Any comments thoughts?

It is possible to modify the driver so it can be used with or without libraries outside the J2SDK (as JCA), I do it some weeks ago and is not very difficult.

I don't know exactly which parts of J2SDK are not in J2ME. Can you explain me?

Also, can you give some reasons why J2ME support is important for FB?. Which databases drives support it, etc?

Blas Rodriguez Somoza