Subject Skeleton classes for jdbc/jca driver available
Author David Jencks

Only about a week after I predicted, I have put skeleton classes for the
interfaces we must implement for a jdbc/jca driver up on my "website" at

The zip includes the directory structure needed, build tools (ant), and
interface jars, along with the source.

To build, run ant in clients/java/src/build.

I am not sure if we need a shell script to run ant if you don't have it
otherwise installed: I suspect we do, let me know and I will add it.

The only "innovation" here is combining implementations of PooledDataSource
and XADataSource into one class. I couldn't think of any reason you
couldn't use an XADataSource instead of a PooledDataSource.

I was hoping to combine the XADataSource and ManagedConnectionFactory
implementations in one class, as well as XAConnection and
ManagedConnection, but there are too many methods with the same name but
incompatible return types or exceptions. If anyone knows more about the
intent of how to implement jdbc and jca together please let me know.

The source code is not especially beautiful to look at, which I regret, I
think it will however be easier to clean up as we implement the methods.

If there are no objections I would like to put this in cvs in a few days
perhaps next monday.

Is posting to both firebird-devel and IB-java appropriate? perhaps just

david jencks