Subject Re: A few questions :)
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> According to the specification, driver is not required to perform
> data conversions in setXXX methods. Maybe we will develop the code
> later.

Thought so, but they would be useful:) As i said, i don't mind adding
them, but need to sort out the matter of consistency.

> Any stack trace with sample code causing the error would be great!

Sure, just as soon as i get back on the right machine. Unfortunately,
in the *production* system it fails, but if i extract the code into a
ttest, it succeeds:( I need to find out what else is failing...

> Can you send the sample message? The problem with error handling is
> usually in the long messages file that was copied by hands from the
> PDF documentation. Therefore it contained (and probably still
> contains) mistakes. Usually it is enough to correct the message

Do you want the output or the original? In the message file, there is
a {0} which i assume is a place holder for a value, but doesn't seem
to filled..