Subject Re: A few questions :)
> Firstly is conversion between values passed to a prepared statement:
> Eg I use char(1) to store small numerical values (i know this is
> bad and the extra space isn't probably worth it), with interclient,
> i can use setInt to set the value, the new driver raises an
> incorrect type flag. Now the question - are we allowing this type
> of conversion and if so which ones. If we are i wouldn't mind
> sticking them into the code...

According to the specification, driver is not required to perform
data conversions in setXXX methods. Maybe we will develop the code

> Secondly, i'm getting an error while doing a select (new record
> size of xxx is too big) - which occurs consistently in certain
> situations. Unfortunately, i've haven't had the time to narrow this
> down fully yet? Any ideas where to look:)

Any stack trace with sample code causing the error would be great!

> The other thing is that the error
> reporting seems broken as well (again, if i get the time, i'll try
> and fix it myself :) in that it doesn't insert the size as i would
> have expected?

Can you send the sample message? The problem with error handling is
usually in the long messages file that was copied by hands from the
PDF documentation. Therefore it contained (and probably still
contains) mistakes. Usually it is enough to correct the message there.

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