Subject A few questions :)
Managed to get the driver running standalone in a servlet under
Tomcat (admitedly, not hard:) Cheers guys for the development so
far, and keep it up... But i've run across a couple of things.

Firstly is conversion between values passed to a prepared statement:

Eg I use char(1) to store small numerical values (i know this is bad
and the extra space isn't probably worth it), with interclient, i can
use setInt to set the value, the new driver raises an incorrect type
flag. Now the question - are we allowing this type of conversion and
if so which ones. If we are i wouldn't mind sticking them into the

Secondly, i'm getting an error while doing a select (new record size
of xxx is too big) - which occurs consistently in certain situations.
Unfortunately, i've haven't had the time to narrow this down fully
yet? Any ideas where to look:) The other thing is that the error
reporting seems broken as well (again, if i get the time, i'll try
and fix it myself :) in that it doesn't insert the size as i would
have expected?