Subject Re: A few questions :)
> Thought so, but they would be useful:) As i said, i don't mind
> adding them, but need to sort out the matter of consistency.

well... if it works for InterClient, there's no guarantee that it
will work with other JDBC drivers. So, I would suggest to be close to

> Sure, just as soon as i get back on the right machine.
> Unfortunately, in the *production* system it fails, but if i
> extract the code into a ttest, it succeeds:( I need to find out
> what else is failing...

Ok, let's wait.

> Do you want the output or the original? In the message file, there
> is a {0} which i assume is a place holder for a value, but doesn't
> seem to filled..

This might be caused by two things: changed format of error reporting
or bug in error handling. Looking forward for the complete
ex.printStackTrace() listing.