Subject Unable to connect to Firebird on Linux guest in VirtualBox.
Hello guys,

After many, many, many hours of trying I've decided to seek for help:)  My situation is like this:

I have host machine - Windows 7 and I have guest machine Ubuntu 15.10 installed on VirtualBox. Thanks to the help on this forum, I've managed to install Firebird on Ubuntu and connect to it.

Now I want to connect to Firebird from my host machine. To do this, I've tried two connection methods: NAT and Bridge (chosen from VB Settings). Bridge is not working for me at all (I can't establish connection between machines). So I am trying the NAT, and as far as I understand I need to make a port forwarding.
So I've made such forwarding:
Protocol: TCP, Host IP:, Host Port: 9999, Guest IP Guest Port: 3050.

I am able to ping my host machine from guest. I am trying to connect via FlameRobin from my host machine like this: SYSDBA@ and I am getting error: "unable to complete network request to host """

Could somone help me on this?

Thank you.