Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Unable to connect to Firebird on Linux guest in VirtualBox.
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2016-03-02 10:58, un_spoken@... [Firebird-general] wrote:
> Hello guys,
> After many, many, many hours of trying Ive decided to seek for help:)
> My situation is like this:
> I have host machine - Windows 7 and I have guest machine Ubuntu 15.10
> installed on VirtualBox. Thanks to the help on this forum, Ive
> managed
> to install Firebird on Ubuntu and connect to it.
> Now I want to connect to Firebird from my host machine. To do this,
> Ive tried two connection methods: NAT and Bridge (chosen from VB
> Settings). Bridge is not working for me at all (I cant establish
> connection between machines). So I am trying the NAT, and as far as I
> understand I need to make a port forwarding.
> So Ive made such forwarding:
> Protocol: TCP, Host IP:, Host Port: 9999, Guest IP
> Guest Port: 3050.
> I am able to ping my host machine from guest. I am trying to connect
> via FlameRobin from my host machine like this:
> SYSDBA@ and I am getting error:
> " ;unable to complete network request to host """
> Could somone help me on this?

I'd be surprised if you'd need to use, instead of That said, I don't normally use NAT mode, as bridging
mode would be preferable and should work, as long as you either have
DHCP in your network, or if you assign an IP address in the same subnet
as your normal machine.

That said, make sure that Firebird is actually listening on or
on its external IP address, otherwise portforwarding will not work. The
default configuration of most distributions is to listen on
(localhost) only.