Subject Mandriva support
Author Lester Caine
Not sure if this is support or general but I'll start here since it's
not really a Firebird problem :)

I've been working through a few things and decided that I need to have a
packaged Linux setup ready, so I thought Mandriva would be the way to go
given the announcement at the Conference.

Downloaded a DVD, burnt it, most impressed when having selected British
English it installed *UK* stuff ( I wish Windows would do that! ), but
then it fell over when I formated the hard disk.
For the record - when it says 'media.cfg not found' you need to reboot
so that the installer can find the NEW disk :) The many answers saying
that the CD/DVD is corrupt are simply wrong as I found out after RE
downloading everything :(

Everything THEN went fine and in a lot less time that it takes to
install XP I had a fully working AMD64 machine with the latest updates.
So I want Apache, PHP and Firebird. Apache is on the list, and has
installed, PHP refuses due to conflicts and Firebird is no where to be
seen - just Postgres.

I've had a search on the Mandrive site, and all I find is the press
releases. So what is going on currently. Is a version of Mandrive
available with Firebird ( and PHP )? Does any other distribution have
Firebird included yet?

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