Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: OT:Bye-bye SQL? (opinion)
Author Daniel Rail

At May 21, 2003, 08:51, normandunbar wrote:
> Oracle doesn't support Java in its stored procedures, nor does it
> allow Java to 'access the data' as in the original post. Oracle allows
> Java procedures to be stored and run 'in' the database. At least they
> did in version 8i, they are trying to move it all out of the database
> again now in 9i.

You are correct, it supports Java Stored Procedures, as you described.
And, they can be called from within a PL/SQL stored procedure,
trigger, and a few other areas, including from the client application
as a normal PL/SQL stored procedure. It is possible to access data
from within a Java stored procedure, but via SQL statements, and using
the server side JDBC. DB2 seems to be following Oracle's lead, by
doing the same thing.

> The only way to access data in an Oracle table is to use SQL - pure
> and simple.

The same goes for practically any database server.

I don't see Firebird adding this kind of support soon. I prefer that
the emphasis is put on better SMP support and faster performance:
inside the engine(which already good) and over-the-wire(which requires
a full review of the protocol). Adding some support for some
structures in stored procedures would be nice though, i.e.: CASE
statements(outside SELECTs), which is part of the SQL standard.

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