Subject Invalid BLOB ID (200) -bug in FB ?
Author ashwiz_za
Hi there

I have picked up what may be a bug???

Was working fine in FB 1.5 RC1, now in FB 1.5 RC 2 I get this
problem. ...or I could be doing something wrong.

I use FB for an offline system. Have a utility to connect to and
download the data from the legacy system. Problem now happens when I
add notes to some of the rows. I have tried blob subtype 0 and 1,
same thing. It adds the notes to the blob, and they can be viewed

When I try backup I get "invalid BLOB ID(200)".

I have tried everything, changes in code, etc... When I go back to
FB everything works fine, no problem. looks like it is something in difference between RC1 and RC2 ?

I will appreciate any tips or direction. ...from experience I have
found most "bugs" are when I'm doing something wrong.

Thanx in advance.

Many Thanx
Kind regards