Subject Re: OT:Bye-bye SQL? (opinion)
Author normandunbar
--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...>


> I'm not sure, but I think Oracle and DB2 are the only ones that have

> Java support in its stored procedures.


Hi Daniel,

Oracle doesn't support Java in its stored procedures, nor does it
allow Java to 'access the data' as in the original post. Oracle allows
Java procedures to be stored and run 'in' the database. At least they
did in version 8i, they are trying to move it all out of the database
again now in 9i.

The only way to access data in an Oracle table is to use SQL - pure
and simple. Even PL/SQL - which is Oracle's propriatory procedural
language extensions to SQL (stored in the database !) - has to use SQL
to access the data. In previous versions doing this caused a context
switch from the PL/SQL engine to the SQL engine, but the latest
release (9i) has integrated both engines a lot more so there are less
context switches required. This also means that both PL/SQL and SQL
itself can do almost the same things, previously, SQL could do more
than PL/SQL until the PL/SQL engine was updated to match.

Java, C++, C, or any other language trying to access the data *must*
use SQL to do so. The original post (not yours) is just a tad
misleading :o)




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