Subject Fedora and Firebird
Author Daniel Achermann
I found an interesting news on a german IT news page
( The name of Red
Hat's new consumer version of Linux, Fedora, is in conflict with an open
source project from Cornell University which started 1998. It's an
management system which collects information from digital libraries and
other information system in xml format and publishes this information.
In May 2003 version 1.0 was released. The name fedora was never legally
protected. The scientist are now saying that trademark are not in the
spirit of open source community and hoped Red Hat would respect that
too. But Red Hat didn't show any cooperation. So now they are thinking
about takeing some legal activities.

The scientist were also saying that they have to explain quite a lot to
their user what's the difference between their fedora and Fedora Linux.

Somehow I feel that I heard once a quite similar story... ;-)
But of course it's difficult for me to understand that Fedora user don't
understand the difference between managemensystem and operation system....