Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird and Hyperthreading
Author Daniel Rail

At November 20, 2003, 17:07, Michael Shaw wrote:

> This has probably been hashed-out before, but should you use
> Hyperthreading with Firebird? I think I've been told pretty
> definitively that hyperthreading should be turned off for Interbase
> Open Source. I suspect it's the same with Firebird. Is Firebird 1.5
> any better than 1.0 in this regard?

Firebird 1.5 has a Classic Server version for Windows which should
work on a hyperthreading CPU.

But, this message was posted on Firebird-Devel, recently:

[ start quote ]
<<I have done some extensive bench mark testing over the last couple of weeks
with Firebird 1.5 rc6 and IB7 and IB6 and have found that IB runs vary fast
in all situations - inserts,updates,deletes,starting and commiting
transactions even when compared to IB6 on a hyperthreading machine firebird
still looses out, BUT with Release candidate 7 the picture changed
dramatically. Now Firebird is running extremely well and outperforms
Interbase6 and 7 by miles.>>
[ end quote ]

So, I guess the best way to be certain at 100%, would be to try it out

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