Subject More Mozilla issues
Author Bernard Devlin,4149,1335828,00.asp says:

"said Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation president.[snip]But Mozilla
is pushing ahead undeterred. This month, the project expects to
release the latest version of its namesake application suite, Mozilla
1.5, which went into beta in late August. New versions of the stand-
alone Firebird browser (version 0.7) and Thunderbird e-mail
application (version 0.3) should follow soon after, Baker said. "

Also, I requested that an RPM for Firebird 1.03 be included with
Mandrake 9.x, and received an email to tell me that Firebird 1.03 had
now been subsumed under the Mozilla project, so they would not be
producing an RPM for Firebird.

It looks to me like the confusion sown by Mozilla is actually biting,
if it is preventing Firebird from even being included as an RPM in
such a popular distro as Mandrake.