Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mozilla Firebird did it again
Author Willibald Krenn
> *Take a look at , the new
> announcement for Mozilla Firebird 0,7 shows a new Firebird logo, with
> Mozilla nearly disappearing, and a "Why Firebird" link on the bottom of
> the page.
> Seems they are really heeding our complaints. In a couple of months
> they will ask the Firebird Foundation to change is name.

I fear that on - a very popular german speaking news
site - Firebird by now stands for Mozilla Firebird. In a recent story with
the title "New versions of Mozilla, Firebird and Thunderbird" the heise team
linked the word Firebird to . Note
that the heise team never used the combination of "Mozilla Firebird", but
the word "Firebird" alone. Of course the Firebird DBMS is not mentioned once
in that story...

So I guess if the Firebird community let things go the way they are
currently going, every John Doe will think of a browser when he hears the
word "Firebird" in a few months.