Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mozilla Firebird did it again
Author Artur Anjos
It seems to me that someone did do a good job with the web site, and the
name FIREBIRD is quite bigger than mozilla. (Is there a Mozilla name in this
website? Oh yes! Look! It's there!'

I hope Brenda will come here to clarify this. It's nonsense to spend too
much time in art work, and the person that did this web site didn't read
Mozilla rules.

This web site goes ALL THE WAY against there own Name-Rules to use "Mozilla
Firebird" instead of "Firebird" alone.

- 'Why Firebird' ? is on the main page;

Take a Tour:
Popup Blocking: "When Firebird encounters a popup..."
Privacy Controls: "Firebird's Privacy Controls let you quickly..."
Quick Search: "Firebird has a built in Google bar...."
Find As You Type: "Start typing the text of a link and Firebird will select
Themes: "Firebird sports a wide range of free...."
"A link to Firebird Help's"

I will stop here. It's too much to clarify that they did the rules just to
shut us up.

This story reminds me a old song from The Clash: "You have the right not to
be killed - murder is a crime. Unless it was done by a policeman or an

I'm a volunteer to loose my mind and join the police force. Or even become
an aristocrat. Or even spend some time in jail. This story stinks.