Subject So-called "Firebird browser"
Author Helen Borrie
Mr Matt Hicks,
In your e-week article about Mozilla this week
(,4149,1335828,00.asp), you report:
"But Mozilla is pushing ahead undeterred. This month, the project expects
to release the latest version of its namesake application suite, Mozilla
1.5, which went into beta in late August. New versions of the stand-alone
Firebird browser (version 0.7) and Thunderbird e-mail application (version
0.3) should follow soon after, Baker said."

There is no "Firebird browser". If Ms Baker gave you the impression that
there is, then it was a slip of the tongue. The Mozilla people have
assured us that they use "Firebird" as an internal code-name for versions
of the beta. They have given us - the Firebird Project and the FirebirdSQL
Foundation, the owners of the Firebird branding for software items - a
public undertaking to stop using the "Firebird" name.

Would you please confirm with Ms Baker that an error occurred and comment
back to us. We trust that, in future, you will want to avoid such mishaps.

Thank you.
Helen Borrie
Secretary, FirebirdSQL Foundation Inc.
Member, Firebird Project Admin group