Subject Re: [IBDI] New to Firebird
Author R. Tulloch

> The fact that the XTG driver has problems with CR is not related to
> author's commitment to make it work with it. The lack of quick
> response has nothing to do with it either. He works on it in his
> spare time.

I understand that and am very appreciative of the efforts he has
made in developing the driver. The work he is doing is voluntary and
I understand is done in his spare time. That does not change the fact
when I tested it (latest 15), it would not work with CR (7). Perhaps
works with earlier versions of CR, I don't know.

When Nick was developing the EasySoft driver, I did many tests and
sent him the feedback (trace logs etc). Naturally since that was a
for profit effort, he was very responsive and resolved issues rapidly.

The effort to develop an OS ODBC driver for IB/FB OS is a natural
of making FB a viable options for developers as so many inquiries
on this topic have shown. Most of these I have seen are related to CR.
It would seem that a working ODBC driver that supports CR would be
in the interest of all concerned with promoting FB.

> It's also possible that would work with CR5 as is (you
> didn't deny that) and maybe with CR7 right now (how long is it
> when you last checked?). I know only that it didn't work with CR8 a
> month ago. Your initial comment didn't take that into account, and
> only bashed the product and his author.

I did not consider what I said as bashing. The implication was that
waiting for the XTG driver to work with CR may be along wait.

I too am waiting since I cannot sell an app with the added cost of
Easysoft driver included. So I tried to help out a little with the XTG
driver. Sending requested logs to the author and hearing nothing back
months then testing the latest build and finding not only are things
fixed but worse than before is disouraging. This has happened several

So, the alternative is to get some report tool other than CR which
I can
use with FB/IB and redo all 80 reports and all the coding in the app
supports/uses the CR report component. Except that CR is the best
tool I have used. I tested others and none compare with the ease of
creating the reports offline and independant of any Borland product
and then simply using the supplied component to integrate the useage
into the app.

Of course I could always abandon FB/IB but I don't want to do that.